A Pet-Specific Fomulation for Dogs and Cats with Allergies

Over-the-Counter diphenhydramine formulated for human use, (commonly referred to as Benadryl®), is frequently adminstered to pets because pet owners are not aware that there is a pet-friendly, more cost-effective option. Learn more below about Vetadryl below.

Veterinarians & Diphenhydramine

Veterinarians rely on diphenhydramine for managing the same conditions in pets as those managed in people, such as anxiety, motion sickness, and as an aid in both allergy management and atopic dermatitis (itchy skin)*. But it’s important to ensure proper dosing for your pet when managing these conditions, as advised by your veterinarian.

*Vetadryl product label

What is Vetadryl®

Vetadryl® is a liver-flavored diphenhydramine HCl tablet formulated in strengths specifically for dogs and cats – to minimize the risk of administering the incorrect amount, which can harm your pet. Tablet strengths are available in 10mg and 30mg for flexible dosing.

Recommended Dosing

For both dogs and cats, dosing guidelines for general uses – unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian – are 2-4mg/kg by mouth every 12 hours; not to exceed three doses in a 24-hour period. More dosing information can be found on the Vetadryl product label.

Important Safety Information

For oral use in dogs and cats only. Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. The most commonly reported side effect is increased salivation or foaming at the mouth when the tablet is not swallowed completely. A diphenhydramine HCl overdose can cause lethargy, dry mouth, urinary retention, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. This product may cause excitement in cats. Contact your veterinarian if your animal experiences any of the above conditions after taking this product. Your pet should not receive more than three doses in 24 hours. This product should not be used in breeding animals. This product should be used under the guidance of a licensed veterinary professional. For more information, read the complete product label on the product bottle upon receipt.

Vetadryl® Benefits

A few more reasons why Vetadryl is the better choice for your dog or cat:

  • Vetadryl is 7x more palatable than diphenhydramine capsules.**
  • Vetadryl is available in both 10mg and 30mg strengths for dogs and cats of all sizes, ensuring a greater likelihood for more accurate dosing.
  • Vetadryl is less-expensive than branded over-the-counter diphenhydramine products at just pennies a tablet.
    ** Data on file.


Choose the diphenhydramine formulated specifically for dogs and cats! Vetadryl can be purchased from your veterinarian or at one of the online retailers featured below: